Honored to have met the Hero of Pakistan, Muhammad Karim, worldly known as "Little Karim". The proud of Pakistan who has climbed up K-2

numerous times in his life being a mountaineer and guide for thousands of tourists visiting Pakistan from around the world since 1976. 
While listening to his stories and searching more bout him, no one can understand how heartwarming it was to actually have met him. 
Not only he has been a mountaineer but also a life saver for many tourists who came across and experienced death so near that their own families had left them to die for the sake of their owns, and that's when Little Karim helped them, including the Swiss lady who had fell into the stream while climbing, and no one dared to jump in to save her, and Little Karim was the only one to jump in. Also in 1986 when a Spanish climber had given up and ran out of stamina, where his companions had left him on Camp 3 and descended 700 meters but Little Karim stayed with him even after the Spanish climber begged him to leave him behind as he was running out of breath. Little Karim stayed with him overnight with some extra warm clothing and gave him a healthy meal after which the next morning he was fit to come down. By this time Little Karim was known as Superman after he carried a 25kg heavy glider up the mountain. All the experiences made Little Karim famous as in 1985, French documentary film maker Laurent Chevallier directed a film named Little Karim, a movie that won many accolades in France and elsewhere in Europe. The same director returned to film Karim a second time in 1997, this time for a film named Mr Karim. But this time he was made the President of the Jury for the film in France, which is a great honor for Pakistan. 
I hope more heroes like Little Karim are made in Pakistan who represent Pakistan at a larger scale and wish to serve the country to their end. 
Little Karim is Pakistan & we are proud to have people like Little Karim